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The Sparkk company, who specializes in the field of digital development, has offered the Hellfest its first RE-LIVE experience: a whole new virtual tour prototype to ‪#‎relive‬ the Hellfest dimension. This project will escort you through the 2015 festival, where you will be able to follow several routes and visit emblematic spots on the festival grounds: The TEMPLE, ALTAR, VALLEY, and MAIN STAGES, the FERRIS WHEEL, VIP GARDEN, HELLFEST CULT, VIP TERRACE, BARS, CAMPING SITE, MERCH and EXTREME MARKET. As you virtually trip through the festival, you will surely see a few familiar faces.
The project is still in its embryonic stages, and we would like to have your opinions and feedbacks on the matter so that we may improve it as well as its functionalities and contents for the 2016 edition. #relive

[IMPORTANT] The Re-live experience works only on the Google Chrome browser for the moment.As we are expecting a high number of connections, the system might undergo temporary service outages. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks to Charles Perinet.
Made by Sparkk™
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  • main stage
  • the temple
  • the altar
  • grande roue
  • jardin vip
  • hellfest cult
  • terrasse vip
  • bars
  • camping
  • merch
  • extreme market

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